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What is PEG?

Gwynedd Economic Partnership (PEG) is an open and inclusive Partnership that is accountable to its members. Membership is open to individuals living or working in Gwynedd and organisations interested in the area’s future prosperity. The Partnership has over 100 members.

The Partnership is administered by the PEG Secretariat. This work is undertaken by the Strategy and Development Service within Gwynedd Council’s Economy and Community Department.

Figure 1: Gwynedd Economic Partnership's Structure

The Steering Group is elected by Partnership Members every three years. The PEG Steering Group includes representatives from the private, voluntary, public and community sectors. Members of the Steering Group are elected as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Partnership.

PEG has a number of Sub-Groups to provide the Steering Group with specialist advice and input, which include the Rural Development Sub-Group, the Skills Sub-Group (Gwynedd, Môn & Conwy Skills Group) and the Business Sub-Group (Gwynedd Business Support Management Team).



The Gwynedd Economic Partnership (PEG) was set up back in 2000 to lead the Objective One programme locally and to promote and support the development of innovative projects to maximise the impact of European funding on the County. During the Objective 1 period, PEG was one of the most successful Local Partnerships in Wales. Across a period of 6 years a sum of £74.5m of Objective One funding was distributed among 106 projects with a total sum of £167.4m.

Since Objective One expenditure ended in 2008, PEG is now responsible for leading on the Rural development plan for Wales 2007 - 2013 locally which includes a range of activities under the banner of Llwyddo Yng Ngwynedd. The Partnership also maintains an overview of European funds which are operational within the County, including the Convergence Programme, to ensure that Gwynedd benefits fully.

Promoting Gwynedd’s wider economic development is also at the core of PEG’s remit. This role has evolved over the years, and it is now more important than ever given the global economic uncertainty.

PEG works alongside our partners to make sure that businesses in Gwynedd benefit fully from any projects that are developed locally, and that the people of Gwynedd gain the required skills to help them take full advantage of these opportunities.


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