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Support for employers

Arrow_Partnership Apprenticeships (Directgov) Information about apprenticeships on Directgov's website.
Arrow_Partnership Apprenticeships\Training (Careers Wales) Search apprenticeship\training opportunities on the Careers Wales website.
Arrow_Partnership Alliance of Sector Skills Councils The Alliance of Sector Skills Councils (SSC) is an organisation comprising all licensed UK SSCs. Click on the link to find links to all SSCs.
Arrow_Partnership Employment & Skills (Flexible Support for Business)
Support for employers on the Flexible Support For Business supersite.
Arrow_Partnership Future Jobs Fund (Welsh Assembly Government) Future Jobs Fund is part of the Young Person's Guarantee. The Fund is creating new community-focused jobs to help young people find work.
Arrow_Partnership Information for employers (Welsh Assembly Government) Information for employers on the Welsh Assembly Government's website.
Arrow_Partnership Leadership & Management Wales Leadership & Management Wales (LMW) is a Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) sponsored project that aims to improve and enhance leadership and management skills in Wales.
Arrow_Partnership ProAct ( Welsh Assembly Government) ProAct is a financial support package designed to help viable businesses cope with the downturn. It helps fund training during quiet time to up-skill staff in readiness for the upturn.
Arrow_Partnership ReAct (Welsh Assembly Government) The Redundancy Action Scheme ( ReAct) is a programme of funding for training provided by the Welsh Assembly Government for people living in Wales who are facing redundancy. The scheme can also help Employers who are downsizing their business or are recruiting staff.
Arrow_Partnership Wales Employment & Skills Board Wales Employment and Skills Board (WESB) is an independent advisory board established to advise Welsh Assembly Government Ministers on how skills, employment and business support systems might be improved to meet the needs of employers and individuals across Wales.
Arrow_Partnership Work Based Training (FS4B) Work-based training gives your employees the opportunity to learn new skills while they're at work.


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