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Statistics, Strategies & Policies

On this page you can find information regarding both national and regional strategies and policies that are applicable to Gwynedd.

If you require specific information or statistics, please visit: Useful Information & Statistics

Strategies and policies

If you are looking for strategies and documents published by Gwynedd Economic Partnership, please visit: Partnership Documents

Arrow_Partnership Economic Renewal Programme (Welsh Assembly Government)
The Welsh Assembly Government has produced a new policy document that outlines the future direction of economic renewal in Wales, entitled: "Economic Renewal: A New Direction".
Wales Spatial Plan (Welsh Assembly Government) The Wales Spatial Plan sets out the Welsh Assembly Government's delivery of the priorities highlighted as part of their development agenda for Wales: One Wales (Welsh Assembly Government)
Arrow_Partnership National Community Strategies (Welsh Assembly Government) Community strategies are intended to bring together all those who can contribute to the future of communities within a local authority area, to agree on the key priorities for the area and pursue them in partnership.
Arrow_Partnership National Planning Policy (Welsh Assembly Government) Effective land use planning contributes to sound economic development, the conservation of natural assets and to the quality of life of individuals and communities.
Arrow_Partnership Strategic Regeneration Areas (Welsh Assembly Government)

The Welsh Assembly Government has identified five Strategic Regeneration Areas in Wales. This approach seeks outcomes from local investment to address market failure and equity issues that fall outside national policies.

Regional / Local
Arrow_Partnership Cynllun Cyflogaeth Meirionnydd (Cyngor Gwynedd)
In response to the challenges facing Meirionnydd's economy - the expected impact on the area's economy following the completion of the first phase of the decommissioning of the Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station, as well as public sector cuts - the Meirionnydd Employment Plan has been developed to provide a comprehensive and coordinated response to the needs of the area today and for the future.
Gwynedd Together
Gwynedd Together is the Partnership responsible for the county's Community Strategy, where Gwynedd's main organisations work together to improve the lives of people in the county.
Arrow_Partnership Gwynedd & Môn Skills Strategy This is the local strategy for skills development, in response to the Welsh skills policy agenda. Education and Skills (Welsh Assembly Government)


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