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Arrow_PartnershipLlwyddo yng Ngwynedd is the name for the Rural Development Plan for Wales' projects in Gwynedd. The Rural Development Plan for Wales is the mechanism that the Welsh Assembly Government uses to host events that support the countryside and rural communities, in encouraging management on agriculture and the environment.

The programme became operational in 2009, under the leadership of Gwynedd's Economic Partnership who's responsible for setting a strategic direction and an initial vision for the work, and it's Rural Development Sub Group that is responsible for overlooking the project management, and the Council's Economy and Community Department is responsible for coordinating all activities.

The Rural Development Plan has been split into two Business Planning stages between 2007-2013. In Gwynedd Business Plan 1 was operated between January 2009 and March 2011 under the Llwyddo yng Ngwynedd banner. Through the first phase four projects were operated:-

Llwyddo yng Ngwynedd has already made a real difference here in Gwynedd, see the case studies to see examples of individuals and local businesses that have already takn advantage of the support available through the Llwyddo yng Ngwynedd fund.


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Llwyddo Yng Ngwynedd

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